A Pursuit of Excellence

Free Chapel College is a biblically and experientially-based leadership training program for those who are high school graduates to 26 years old under the leadership of Pastor Jentezen Franklin. We strive to develop students to live a life of excellence as God has purposed us to make the greatest eternal impact through the global church.



Free Chapel College is built on 3 pillars:

1. Academics

Free Chapel College currently offers two academic programs:

Degree Program
Our Degree Program is in partnership with Southeastern University to provide students with a regionally accredited degree. These courses are offered online and through face-to-face instructors. The Degree Program includes 500 hours of hands-on ministry training. 

Ministry Leadership.
Our ministry leadership program consists of eight Biblical Studies Course that will expand a student’s knowledge of God’s Word and grow in the understanding of biblical leadership. The Certificate Program includes 500 hours of hands-on ministry training.

2. Hands On Training

Ministry Training
Practicums are the ministry training opportunities of FCC where students will receive hands on ministry experience by qualified professionals and skilled staff members of Free Chapel.

Ministry practicums give students an up-close and in-depth exposure to all the intricacies of ministry life every week. They are intended to provide a detailed understanding of the particular area of ministry they feel called to pursue by practicing the skills that are taught by trained staff and professionals. Through this training, students will develop a confidence and greater understanding of ministry leadership and proficiency in their field that will ultimately help lead to a life of excellence.

3. Student Life

While at Free Chapel College, it is our hope that students would develop life-long friendships with one another. We believe in the power of community and how it helps shape the life of every believer throughout their journey, which is why our staff strives to foster an atmosphere of community in every setting.

Student life is composed of outreach opportunities, an overseas mission trip, intramurals, small groups, mentorship, and quarterly student life events.

Meet Our Staff

Pastor Jentezen & Cherise Franklin

Senior Pastor

Pastor Blake & Laura Hamon

College Director

Pastor Cody Adams

OC College Director

Hope Moquin - Free Chapel College Administrative Assistant
Hope Moquin

Associate Director of Student Life