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Our History


Free Chapel College (Established in 2016) is a biblically and experientially-based leadership training program under the leadership of Pastor Jentezen Franklin in Gainesville, GA. In 2019 we launched our West Coast Campus, located in Orange County, CA.


We strive to develop students to live a life of excellence, whether that is in the church or in the professional realm. In the expectation that they grow to make the greatest eternal impact for the Kingdom of God wherever their life takes them.


Free Chapel College is built on 3 pillars:

1. Quality Instruction from World Changing Leaders


You will receive classroom teaching and hands on training from some of the most innovative leaders, artists, and thought leaders in their fields, all in the context of one of the most dynamic and influential churches in the world. With campuses on both coasts, Free Chapel College provides the training and live experiences that sets each student up for success in the calling God has on their life

2. Hands On Training

Ministry Training
Practicums are the ministry and technical training opportunities of FCC. Students will receive hands on training by qualified professionals and skilled staff members of Free Chapel.

Ministry practicums give students an up-close and in-depth exposure to all the intricacies of ministry life. They will provide a detailed understanding of the particular area of ministry they feel called to pursue by practicing the skills that are taught by trained staff and professionals. Students will develop confidence and a greater understanding of ministry leadership.

3. Student Life

While at Free Chapel College, it is our hope that students will develop life-long friendships and memorable experiences. We believe in the power of community and how it helps shape the life of every believer throughout their journey, which is why our staff strives to foster an atmosphere of community in every setting.

Student Life is composed of outreach opportunities, chapels, intramurals, small groups, mentorship, and monthly student life events.

Faces of Free Chapel Leadership

Pastor Jentezen and Cherise Franklin

Founders and Chancellors

Tracy Page

Executive Pastor

Dr. Rich Rogers


Pastor Aaron Marshall

Director of Student Life

Hope Moquin

Associate Director of Student Life

Jordan Torres

Director of Administrative Services

Nola Baughman

Director of Admissions

Dr. Virgil Mensah-Dartey

Director of Degree Studies

Free Chapel College Interns

Tyler Bozeman

Online Campus Intern

Connor Mullis

Student Life Intern

Erika Weaver

Admissions Intern