Programs at Free Chapel College are focused on providing students with real experience in local church ministry. This is accomplished through Practicums that are created to provide hands-on training for students to become seasoned in a specific area of ministry. Students will receive at least 500 hours of experience in their ministry practicum and gain applicable knowledge that will prepare them for their specific area of ministry calling.

Students will have the option to select one of three ministry tracks:
1) Pastoral Ministries
2) Worship & Creative Arts
3) Communications


In our Communications track, students will learn what it takes to plan, design, and produce all of the video, graphic, print, web, photography, and marketing elements that keep Free Chapel moving. From learning design programs to becoming expert communicators, students will work with and learn from field experts as they are challenged to develop creative thinking skills that will be an asset to them in their careers. Students will have access to state-of-the-art technology as they experience hands-on training where they will be coached in how to successfully navigate all spheres of the communications process. 

Worship & Creative Arts

The Worship & Creative Arts track exists to train and equip students to be spiritually and creatively rounded as worshipers, ready and enabled to lead individuals, teams, and congregations in worship. Students will receive hands-on training in worship leading, music directing and training, worship set creation, song writing, light and sound, service production and much more. Within our Worship and Creative Arts track, you will have the option to choose one of these main areas to direct your focus while attending Free Chapel College: Worship Leading and Service Production.

Pastoral Leadership

If God has placed a calling on your life to pastoral ministries, then we want to help you further develop in this area. You will receive hand-on instruction from some of the world’s top pastors who have years of valuable experience that desire to train and equip students in pastoral ministries. Within our Pastoral Ministries Track, you will have the option to choose one of these main areas to direct your focus while attending Free Chapel College: Discipleship, Women’s Ministry, Kid’s Ministry, Middle school and High School ministry, and Young Adults.


Recognizing the importance of lay-leaders in the church, the Professional Studies program provides practicum experiences that lead to trade-specific certifications that qualify you for jobs in competitive careers such as medical, industrial, and technical fields. Certification professions include the following:

Degree Program (SEU)

Ministry Leadership Program
Pastoral Ministries, Worship & Creative Arts, and Communication.

Professional Studies Certificate Program

Third Year Residency Program

3rd Year Residency Ministry Only
3rd Year Residency Ministry & Degree Program
3rd Year Residency Professional Studies Program