• Free Chapel College Withdrawal Notification Form

    Withdrawal is the process by which a student leaves their program of study permanently and ends all activity associated with their studies before they have completed the program for which they are registered.

    Before completing and submitting this form you are strongly encouraged to seek support and advice from your College Director in the first instance of this decision to withdrawal.

    You do not need permission to withdraw but it is your responsibility to formally notify Free Chapel College staff of your intention and to return your Student ID card and complete this form. Please note that after this form has been submitted, readmission into Free Chapel College will require resubmission of an official Free Chapel College Application.

    Your confidentiality is assured. Only those people who will process your notification will have sight of this form.

    Please note that you remain liable for fees up to the date you formally submit this completed form to the Administrative Offices.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Free Chapel College staff would be interested in learning the reason(s) for your withdrawal from FCC. Your confidentiality is assured. Only Free Chapel College staff and those processing your notification will see this form.
  • I confirm that the above information is correct and that by signing I am withdrawing from Free Chapel College and all its activities on my own accord, and hereby release Free Chapel, Free Chapel College and its staff from any and all liability associated with my decision to withdraw from the program.